Data Asset Optimization (DAO) Projects mediate your data into an asset as valuable as any on your balance sheet.

Data Mediators is a professional services organization that enables mediating your data into relevant information. Our specialty is managing data within systems and integrating data seamlessly to/from diverse systems. We integrate data between virtually any system(s) but have evolved into customer and constituent based systems. ECM (Enterprise Content Management) implies looking beyond the rows and records of databases and concentrating on all forms of data assets. All of the things that facilitate business planning (analytics) and modeling/forecasting (predictive) are part of this integration effort.

Our methodology is an "open source" model - the Method for an Integrated Knowledge Environment - simply known as MIKE2.0 -- 

We are excited in to announce our new strategic partnership with Misaic Group LLC that provides business strategy, planning, modelling, and analytics. A key component to the practice of business health is the methodology allowing organizations to monitor the health of their business. We are certified Business Health Practitioners that allows us to consult with organizations to create scalable and sustainable - health - business models. More information:

A strategic practice of Data Mediators - PMO NPO Consulting Group - concentrates on business best practices for NPO's (Non Profit Organizations). Visit PMO NPO Consulting Group

The Data Mediators logo represents the standard colors of a projecting an image — red, green, and blue. We take the basic colors - series of dots (data) and “mediate” this raw data into a meaningful image. Another example, Peter Drucker’s definition of information — raw data endowed with relevance and purpose. We utilize our knowledge systems and leverage our expertise in business process methodology, systems integration, and core business knowledge to enable a comprehensive solution to maximize your information assets.

For a free data audit (worth $250) email or call 1-877-DAO-PROJects x-705. (877-326-7765)

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